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Property Management and Pest Control: What You Need to Know

For homeowners, and residential property managers, pest control is a pretty popular topic. No one likes sharing their living space with ants, roaches, or other unwelcome visitors. However, commercial property management doesn’t always place the same importance of pest control, particularly “add-ons” or extra measures taken against specific pests that go above and beyond a basic annual spray for general insect activity.
One of these extra measures offered by many pest control providers is treatment targeting mosquitoes. Here in Central Florida, this is an especially valuable amenity since mosquitoes cause issues almost year round, and can put a serious cramp in plans involving the area outside your commercial space. Businesses utilizing a commercial space may want outdoor seating options, may want windows open for airflow occasionally, or might have evening customers, and if you have a serious mosquito problem, it can serve as a deterrent from people wanting to come to your location. Mosquito protection has come a long way in recent years, and many providers now offer a direct spray solution, which targets foliage and outdoor areas around your business, killing mosquitoes at the source where they nest and bed down each evening, instead of trying to “catch” them when they’re already active. The direct spray ensures that you are getting maximum bang for your buck, and ridding your area of the main population instead of a handful of the nuisance insects.
Other ways you can discourage mosquitoes from living and breeding around your business include;
  • keep standing water away. Empty containers following rain since items full of standing water offer the perfect conditions for mosquito breeding. Popular places to check include not only buckets and birdbaths, but also tarps, areas around outdoor faucets and hoses where water can accumulate, and areas around your building where water may not drain properly.
  • keep gutters clear as these can also hold standing water once clogged.
  • treat any intentional standing water (like ornamental ponds or fountains) with specialty chemicals that are safe for you, and keep insect activity away from the water.
Whether you are the owner of a local business property, or are a manager responsible for keeping properties in your care in the best shape possible, pest control is an important aspect to remember as you take care of monthly to-dos. Lorio and Associates is proud to be responsible for properties throughout the greater Lakeland area here in Polk County, and property owners know they can trust us to offer the very best service in the Central Florida region. If you are tired of taking care of your property from a distance, we are ready and waiting to help!

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