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Protect Your Property: Benefits of Using A Property Management Company

Friday, November 4th, 2016

house-309156_640Scenario: you’ve decided to invest in a commercial property, not for yourself, but as a leasing space that will give you some extra spending cash.  However, once the papers are signed and the property is yours, what do you do?  Well, if you already have a business/individual lined up to rent your space, you will hand over the day-to-day operation of the property over to them, but you will still be holding the reigns for the piece of real estate, and you will be the one responsible for any decisions regarding it.

This sounds great…until you are faced with an issue or question that takes away from your personal time and resources, and ends up making the property more of a headache than a help.  So, how can you reap the benefits of owning a commercial property without dealing with the routine kinks in the chain that often come up with this type of situation?

The answer to your problems could be found in a property management company.

Property managers essentially “manage” your piece of property by taking care of the day-to-day operations and issues that come up, while overseeing the rental of the space and the conditions under which the least was signed.  In other words, a property management company will make sure your renter(s) do what is requested in regards to upkeep of the property, use of the property, etc, and they will also oversee maintenance on the property in your stead.  This is especially important for property owners who live in an area outside of the region in which their property is located.  For example, our local “snowbirds” who own properties here in Florida often trust management services to take care of their commercial space, whether it is rented out or not. This leaves someone local in charge, just in case something happens and requires prompt attention (like damages to the property, failure to cooperate on the part of the business/individual leasing the space, etc.

There are many benefits to having a property manager take care of your space rather than managing it yourself, but perhaps the biggest benefit is the peace of mind, knowing that you get to enjoy the fruits of your space, without putting in all the labor to take care of it.  If you are local to the greater Lakeland area here in Polk County, Lorio and Associates can offer you that peace of mind by managing your commercial property.  Even better?  We will seek to rent out your space, and keep it filled, so you are always making maximum profit off of your property.

Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

Is Your Business Safe This Halloween?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

haloween-1721293_640October 31st is only 3 weeks away, and that means hordes of kids will be out in costume collecting their stash of candy.  Unfortunately though, something else is out in full force on Halloween, and it isn’t nearly as pleasant as childhood spooks and witches.

Criminals are also a big part of the Halloween holiday.

Because Halloween means many people are away from their homes and out at parties, trick-or-treating with their kids, or other attending other festivities, it’s a prime time for crimes such as theft and vandalism.  Businesses are also at risk on this night though.  Why?

Because there is such an increase in foot traffic on Halloween, there are likely to be a much larger number of people passing your business than usual.  Whether you are located in a downtown area, or are a little more rural or small-town, chances are you will have people cutting through your parking lot, behind your business, or passing by on the sidewalks out front as they go from neighborhood to neighborhood to gather candy.  While many of these passerby are innocent, those who have less-than-wonderful intentions can happen to you, and it could be a disaster for your business.

How can you protect yourself this year?  First, remember to double check all doors and windows before you leave on the evening of the 31st (or when you leave for the last time before the 31st).  Loose locks or windows that are left ajar are a prime target for someone looking for any easy hit.  Next, engage any security systems, and look over cameras to make sure they are angled to cover all areas around the exterior of your business.  This gives you a better chance of finding the person responsible if you are hit with any theft or vandalism.  Finally, consider leaving a light or two on inside the office building, and keep flood lights on out front and in the back of your business.  A well-lit business is not a preferred spot for someone not wanting to get caught.  Lights mean you are more likely to be left alone.

If you are looking for help maintaining and taking care of your commercial property, give us a call.  Lorio and Associates serves the greater Polk County area of central Florida with the very best in commercial real estate sales, leasing, and property management.  We are here for you!

Go North: Why North Lakeland Is The Place to Be

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Daughtery Retail front 2Lakeland is the largest city in Polk County, and over the years, it has divided itself into two main parts: North Lakeland and South Lakeland, with the central downtown area in between. For a long time, South Lakeland was the center of development with plenty of shopping, new restaurants sprouting up, and lots of opportunities for business growth.  North Lakeland, on the other hand, tended to have more open space, and while there was residential property, there wasn’t a lot of business growth (other than the Lakeland Square Mall, which had lost some of its popularity).

However, recent years have started turning the tide in Lakeland, and now, North Lakeland has turned into a mecca of growth for retail, dining, and a variety of other businesses.  New restaurants have moved into the area, and the mall underwent a lot of change, brining in new stores and dining options.  Residential neighborhoods are popping up all over, and now, North Lakeland is rivaling its southern counterpart.

Lorio and Associates is proud to offer property throughout Lakeland, and we have available spaces in both the North and South.  Currently, we have a great option for those looking to open a business on the North side.  We’ve listed three separate retail bays on Daughtery Road, located in a strip mall.  These spaces have bathrooms, plenty of parking, and wide open space.  Previously a martial arts defense school, the floorpan has little by way of closed off walls, meaning it’s a fresh, clean canvas where your business could make its home.

If you can see yourself in this type of space, and you’re ready to grow your business in North Lakeland, give us a call!  We will help you figure out how to make your dream a reality, starting with the location.

Lakeland is Growing, And So Can Your Business!

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Bryant 1

Downtown Lakeland is rapidly expanding, and we are excited to see the new businesses joining our community.  Posto 9, a restaurant opening in December, is likely to be a huge hit in our downtown area, as well as the variety of other restaurants and shops that will be opening in the coming year.

An interesting change that is also projected to take place is the addition of valet parking services for downtown Lakeland.  The addition of the new businesses will bring unprecedented traffic to the area, and this could cause some serious parking issues in an already-crowded environment.  By adding a valet service for the city, customers are more likely to frequent these places, because parking will not be a stressor to dampen their spirits on a fun night out for dinner and/or shopping.

We at Lorio & Associates are thrilled with the expansion of Lakeland and how local businesses are thriving here.  We have great news for small businesses owners who are looking for a new location too!  We currently have a space open right in the middle of the newly popular downtown area. Located alongside Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grille and a hugely popular parking garage, this office space is sure to be a wonderful environment for whoever manages to grab it first.  A connected walkway from the parking garage to the available space is a major perk, as well as the upscale lobby area with elevator and restrooms, and the efficient layout of the offices themselves.

Check out the listing here, and for more information on the changes coming to downtown, see this recent article from WFLA (link to online article and video).

Join us in the excitement of a growing and changing Lakeland, and let us help you make sure your business is along for the ride!

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